YogurBerry Paraguay introduction

BERRY S.R.L. is the Master Franchise of YogurBerry in Paraguay. YogurBerry is healthy, classy and different.

YogurBerry’s unique frozen yogurt recipe has proven enormously successful in the very fickle and trend-conscious international market with its commitment to freshest,
and finest products and ingredients.

The signature item at YogurBerry is premium freshly-made-all natural,high quality frozen yogurt made using naturally occurring fructose found in fruits
(the first and only yogurt product to have such a low glucose rating in the industry), with various fresh fruits, nuts, and other toppings.
In addition to the signature yogurt, YogurBerry stores offer frozen smoothies, as also hot and cold coffee and ice-cream.

The stores offers a pleasant experience of all senses, not only taste, but also by providing a
simple, elegant, and soothing atmosphere enhanced by modern interior design unique to
YogurBerry brand.
With BERRY S.R.L.’s experienced and professional management and commitment to highest
standards of customer service, it plans to expand the market to more than 10 stores in the
next couple of years with directly managed and franchised outlets.